Texas Hold Em - How to Play the Turn

Texas Hold Em – How to Play the Turn

Sometimes you need to play the turn properly. Other times you don’t. But more often than not, this latter is the case. Find out how to play the turn in Texas Hold Em now.

It happens to the best of us- we run a check-raise and take down the pot with a hand like 83, and no matter what we say the other player always wants to play the turn. It used to be even worse, but this is getting extremely easier as far as to whom you can check-raise to.

Texas Hold Em: How To Play The Turn Properly Tip #1

The first thing to do when you are up against the turn is to acknowledge that you probably aren’t going to win the pot no matter what cards you play. This is particularly true of hands with medium to low cards. Decide whether you are going to win via the showdown or by having the highest hand.

In this situation decide whether you are going to try to keep the pot tiny or go for the win big. If the former,xualize the flop and don’t have a very good hand, this might be a time to check-raise. If the latter, you want to make a pot sized bet to try and keep the pot tiny.

Texas Hold Em: How To Play The Turn #2

The second thing to do is to analyze the types of hands that you think your opponent is going to play. This tip again will depend largely on what cards you have and your opponents, but it will Obviously be based on the cards you see on the table.

If you have seen high cards and low cards on the table you might decide to call or fold. Keep an eye out for what cards you opponents play and whether they are willing to part with them. If they are willing to part with their cards than you can call, fold or attempt to bluff.

Texas Hold Em: How To Play The Turn #3

The third thing to do is to be keenly aware of the fits or doesn’t quite fit bets your opponent is making. This probably means they have something good. You should be prepared to re-raise all-in when you think there is more of a chance of them having something good.

When you are assessing your cards for the turn you should be extremely careful when you see high cards. If you have low cards you should be more inclined to call or fold.

Texas Hold Em: How To Play The Turn #4

The final tip is to be extremely patient. Even when you think you have a good hand on the turn there should be no rush. Browse the web pages of pokerrepublik you learn what cards be available on the turn and carefully value bet against them. You should really be rewarding your opponents for remaining in the game and not getting frustrated at their luck.

You should always take your time when playing any of the complicated hands. The biggest mistake people make with the turns is that they call too often, or even fold when they have a good hand. Poker is a game of ever-increasing complexity, so you should be prepared to be a chip disk when your opponent’s turn arrives.